What It Means to Be an Entrepreneur

Whenever there is an issue, there is an opportunity. Too often people decide they want to run a business without looking to solve a problem. Many entrepreneurs, including myself, believe this is a backwards approach to forming a business. As an entrepreneur, I believe it’s our job to solve problems facing our society, be leaders, and never stop exploring new ideas.

Before Tadd Creations (my latest and most popular business venture), software development services were very expensive, and advertised to businesses generating millions of dollars in revenue. That’s why we aim to make software development services more affordable for small businesses so that every business could create a unique experience for their customers with the use of technology.

But in the midst of starting up your new business, you have to become a good leader. In my experiences with talking to executives of huge multibillion dollar businesses, such as BD Diabetes Care and many others, being a leader of a business isn’t just about meeting your financial goals and being the one to make huge pressure-filled decisions. It’s actually more about developing three main skill sets:

  • Controlling your emotions when faced with controversy.
  • Always thinking strategically.
  • Staying focused on achieving your goals.

By mastering those skill sets, I’ve found that a lot of the business side of things become a lot easier and work themselves out.

Finally, I’d have to say that as an entrepreneur, you’ll never want to stop learning and exploring new ideas. One of my dearest mentors said to me, “You always want to listen to new thoughts and ideas with an open mind, whether you agree or disagree, because those ideas might identify and help you solve new dilemmas within our society.”

Ultimately, I feel as an entrepreneur it is my job to use my skills and abilities to solve problems.

We all have amazing abilities and skill sets. It’s our jobs to make sure we put them to good use.

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