Stay Passionate

What are you majoring in? What do you want to do after college?

Do these questions sound familiar? It’s like they have become the very first questions we ask one another in college at our first encounter. These questions, although important, are only surface-layer questions. They do not give us an opportunity to open up and really and get to know one another. What if we had conversations that empowered us to open up and talk about things like what we are passionate about? What if we had conversations that left us feeling inspired and encouraged to go out and change the world. As the co-founder of Passion With Purpose, a club that creates an atmosphere and is driven to empower, inspire, and encourage individuals in developing and engaging their passions based on their active engagement and relationships with others, I can honestly say passion is key.

When it comes to uncovering and developing our passions, it is living out experiences that first give us the opportunity to do so, and in college, there is no greater opportunity to really engage ourselves in an array of different activities. But it doesn’t stop here. We need to really reflect on our experiences throughout college and look at the reasons why we do things, because it is on reflecting on our experiences that we can better uncover our authentic selves and uncover our true passions in life. One of the best ways to reflect on our experiences is by sharing them with others!

Passion With Purpose, although a very new and young student organization, is working day by day to create this culture and attitude at Penn State. At the heart of every decision we make is passion. We meet each Tuesday evening and either do a workshop or other activities focused on getting one another outside of their comfort zone to reflect on their experiences at Penn State and to share them with other students — all in hopes of empowering, inspiring, and encouraging other students along their journey in college as they work to develop and foster their passions so that they can change the world doing the things that they love upon graduating college!

Never forget. Passion is key!

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