Rain Reality: Don’t Quit Your Daydream

Innovation is for the daydreamers. It’s for the forever-kids – the ones who always ask why and think rules are optional. They are the ones who start with nothing and come to build empires. A lot of times, they are the ones who cannot bring themselves to go to class or a 9-to-5 job because they cannot work within walls. They instead perceive a world with few limitations and no status quo.

Rain Reality was created with this mindset of breaking tradition. My cofounder and I envisioned a powerful new way of doing things that transforms our daily lives, which is holograms. We can bring things into your world that may not be real, but are interactive and can adapt to your space. This concept is called augmented reality, and it has made a lot of technology visionaries very excited.

Our company is bringing augmented and other forms of immersive reality to revolutionize how we teach and learn. In a world of fast and unpredictable change, education is one industry that has managed to stay pretty much the same over the past few decades. Our team is creating immersive reality applications to disrupt traditional educational practices. They will integrate effective teaching methodologies to increase student comprehension and engagement. One day, we envision to be the next Khan Academy for 3D learning.

Starting a company was nothing like we expected. It is hard and makes you rethink your priorities, but if you believe in the vision, it is all worth it. If I have any advice to give as a student entrepreneur, it is don’t quit your daydream. In the beginning, you will not know where your idea will go and you will most likely underestimate how much your vision will change. But the experience and fulfillment that goes along with working on your dreams is immeasurable and worth everything else. Do not be afraid to daydream about challenging the status quo.

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