Passion is the motivation for every accomplishment I have achieved. Rhythm For Relief is a reflection of what I believe in, a reflection in which I want the world to see. Rhythm For Relief is a fundraising organization that raises money for non-government organizations in various parts of Africa by hosting concerts. This vision comes from the ideology behind the power of music; the unity it brings and the message it can share. At Rhythm For Relief, we believe in being global citizens; we are all one, and we are all here. It is a global citizens responsibility make efforts to solve problems of those who we share the same planet with.

By creating this organization, I have seen a positive impact on the communities where we host concerts and in which we raise money for. Rhythm For Relief brings people together and allows people to share talents all while helping fund a sustainable project that was created by an empowered local who saw a change that needed to be made in their community.

I encourage everyone to follow their passion and channel it into a creation that illuminates the good you want to see in the world. By creating something that is fed by my heart, I have not only achieved great happiness but I have learned more than any textbook in classes can teach me. I’ve gained a lot of real-world experience, when talking to venue owners, musicians, sound managers, bank associates, the media and many more I’ve grown to be a better communicator and have gained confidence. While the work is hard and challenging, the positives it brings to people right near me and people half way around the world make it worth.

The work it takes to create something of your own is a handful, but it is worth it. My friend, Ariel Lozovsky, and I started Rhythm For Relief at the age of 17 as juniors in high school. You are never to young to make a difference; you are never to young to follow your dreams. Since we started, we have raised about $3,000 over the course of three different fundraising events. We hope to plan more events in the future and finalize our 4o1C3. Please like us on Facebook or check out our website to learn more or to get involved!

Talia Santos is 19 years old and is the founder of Rhythm for Relief, a charitable organization.

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