I Dream Big; What About You?

Time and time again, I am confronted with people who doubt my dreams, automatically deeming them unrealistic or impossible. But what’s the baseline for “unrealistic”? And how can anyone say anything is impossible when the impossible is currently being made possible every day?

Those people who question your dreams don’t know what they are talking about. Dream big, and after that, dream bigger. As Leo Burnett said, if you shoot for the moon you can only land among the stars.

So here’s where you come in. Never stop working on a solution, an idea, or a service that you simply cannot live without. For me, my passion is an advertising agency that re-establishes trust within the advertising industry. Maybe for you, it’s a cure for cancer. No matter how big the dream is, it’s attainable if you simply cannot imagine a world without it.

That being said, no dream will just be handed to you. With big dreams comes big work. Most entrepreneurs I hear from all say that their business is their life; at the very least it is what all of their efforts go to for 5 to 10 years. Be ready to make a commitment and know that every step toward your dream is a step in the right direction; that includes minor and major progress. Come up with a 5-year plan, a 10-year plan, etc., and be ready to reach smaller goals along the way. Big dreams don’t equal big steps; sometimes one small step is what you need to get the ball rolling.

The basis of a dream is to believe. Not only should you believe in yourself, but find people who will believe in you and can mentor you. You aren’t alone in making your dream come true. If you believe in something, chances are others will, too. Find those people and hustle every day to make it happen.

The people who dare to dream change the world. Maybe one day you will be one of them.

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