When you volunteer with Penn State Global Entrepreneurship Week, you become a part of an international entrepreneurship celebration with 170 countries, 25,000 partners and 34,000 events worldwide. Those of us who help to coordinate Penn State’s response to GEW USA proudly note that our week of events is consistently listed as one of the top five GEW partners in the U.S. As an Student Volunteer Ambassador (SVA), you have an opportunity to interact with some of the best and brightest students, faculty, and staff that Penn State has to offer. You’ll also have the chance to meet successful entrepreneurs, local community members involved in entrepreneurship and to explore networking opportunities across the board.

If you would like to be part of helping us grow and promote GEW, please fill out the volunteer form.

After you attend a brief SVA training session, you’ll be paired with one or two other students to manage an event by preparing the room, greeting and announcing the speaker(s), communicating the attendance code, and ending the event. Managing an event will typically take 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

You may also volunteer by hanging signs to promote GEW and individual events, writing blog posts, speaking to classes about GEW, visiting with the College Deans about GEW and much more.